Friday, 16 July 2021

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How To Start A Highly Profitable Web Hosting Business in 60 Minutes with Less
than N4,000 and Earn at Least N200,000 in Pure Profits.

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When I'm asked what kind of business any Nigerian can start online with less than
N10,000 I always remember my friend Onome Maureen.

She wrote a very powerful report on How to start a Highly Profitable Business with Less than N4,000 to Make at least N200,000 in Pure Profits which she gave out for FREE!

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But here is a quick summary of the report below:

The website hosting business is a business which will blow your mind away because
it is a huge goldmine which is untapped.

As you know, the Website Design has been making waves in business for some
years now, but the hosting aspect as a business has been left to the big boys but
today you'll learn how.

This is Not 419 or a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme!

The website hosting business is all about being a virtual Land Lord for website

All you need to do is to get access to a big hosting account for as less than N4,000
and then divide it into smaller hosting packages and sell for at least N3,000 -
N10,000 per year.

By the time, you buy 10,000MB at less than N4,000 and divide it into seventy 50 MB
hosting accounts and sell at N3,500 each,you would have made 70 X N3,500 = N245,000 as profits.

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Oyetunde Oyeniyi

Starting and growing an Online Business in Nigeria is as easy as ABC. It doesn't
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